Choosing Your Officiant


The choice of an officiant will set the tone for your ceremony, as well as the celebration that follows! So finding an experienced and professional officiant who is knowledgeable to guide you through the ceremony and rehearsal process is a valuable asset and resource to you.

It is important to feel comfortable with your choice of an officiant and to express YOUR wishes for the ceremony.

Every member of our compassionate and caring network of Officiants must meet the following standards, before being certified by Celebrate Love – Celebrate Life:

  • They must be legally ordained,
  • They must be legally empowered in their state to officiate at the services they provide,
  • They must provide professional references,
  • They must have experience in conducting interfaith or non-denominational ceremonies,
  • They must pledge to respect and honor all faith traditions, personal beliefs, and sexual orientations,
  • They must and be in good standing with the Contemplative Order of Compassion (a post-denominational, non-sectarian spiritual community, based on the spiritual and philosophical tenets of compassion, service, diversity and forgiveness, and dedicated to doing whatever they can to alleviate suffering in the world.

Most Rev. Dr. F. Francis-Maria G. Salvato

june2012khenpoOur principal celebrant and officiant, as well as the founder of the Celebrate Love – Celebrate Life Network, is The Most Reverend Dr. F. Francis-Maria G. Salvato, O.C., M.Sc. – a semi-retired Eastern Catholic bishop, and member of the Old Catholic Franciscan Community of North America.

The Old Catholic Church is a radically inclusive and non-traditional sect of Catholics who do not recognise the papal claim of infallibility and supremacy, which split from the Holy See in 1870, and maintains its apostolic succession and valid orders through the See of Utrecht.

The Old Catholic Church is in full communion with the Episcopal Church in the U.S. as well as the Anglican Communion. The Old Catholic Church (See of Utrecht) was guaranteed autonomy in perpetuity by Pope Leo X, following the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, reaffirming the right of all Cathedral Chapters to elect their bishops. Philip of Burgundy, 57th Bishop of Utrecht (1517–1524), secured a significant concession from Pope Leo X, in the document “Debitum Pastoralis“, granting internal autonomy in both church and temporal affairs for himself and his successors without interference from outside their jurisdictional region. This greatly promoted the independence of the See of Utrecht, so that no clergy or laity from Utrecht would ever be tried by a Roman tribunal.

As a result of this, all sacramental rites performed by Old Catholic Clergy, and sanctioned by the bishops of those canonically independent communities are recognised as valid sacraments in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church. This further underscores that weddings and holy unions performed under the auspices of the Old Catholic Church are in fact, valid Catholic marriages.

Dr. Salvato currently serves as officiant in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.


RS Mallory

rsServing the Greater Austin, Texas community, RS Mallory brings creativity, warmth and a dedication to listening to the bride- and groom-to-be, which ensures a picture perfect wedding.

A long-time resident of Austin, she’s able to help couples find the perfect venue as well.

For weddings, renewals of vows, and other milestone events, she receives rave reviews from everyone who works with her. Whether you’re looking for an ecumenical, contemporary, traditional, religious or secular ceremony, RS is a great choice as an officiant.