Other Ceremonies


BuddhistWedding_UnitingFamiliesCeremonies help us to mark the significant times and milestones of our lives. They help us put away the old, and prepare for the new. We use ceremonies to exalt in our joy, and to reconcile our sorrow. At Celebrate Love – Celebrate Life, we specialise in creating ceremonies that are personally meaningful to you – for the times in your life that are meaningful to you.

They need not be limited to weddings, or baby namings, or memorials – or any of the traditional occasions that carry ceremony with them. I would be honoured to partner with you again to design a soulful ceremony for that time in your life that is significant to you.

Below are a few brief descriptions of the more common ceremonies we offer. Feel free, however, to look through the extensive listing in the menu, at the top of this page for more information.

Traditionally Requested Ceremonies

Wedding Anniversaries & Renewing Marriage Vows

What better way to declare your commitment to your beloved than to renew your vows? A well-tenured marriage is abundant with the rich texture of life. Renewing your vows is a golden thread in the tapestry of your marriage, and a ceremony that celebrates the bounty of your life together.

Baby Naming (Christening)

What a delightful way to create welcoming energy for a new Little Angel. With a Baby Naming Ceremony, we express our gratitude for the gift of new life, and honor the special meaning found within the name. Baby naming ceremonies can range from the traditional “christening” ceremonies to more elaborate, ancient and metaphysical naming and welcoming rites.

Rites of Passage

Our culture recognises certain times in our lives as meaningful transitions. We celebrate the coming of new stages in life with Rites of Passage ceremonies that encourage us to embrace the changes, the growth to come. These rites of passage include Coming of Age, as well as Croning ceremonies.

butter-lamp-in-handMemorials and Funerals

All of us will, at some time, return to our non-physical existence in Spirit or Source. A Memorial ceremony is our way of honouring and celebrating the lives of those who have passed on. You might be among the growing number of people who do not feel a comfortable affiliation with a church, yet want a personalized and special service to honor the life of your loved one. As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I can provide that service for you.

First, I would meet with you, the family of the deceased, for “Family Time”. I would ask a series of brief questions and I would ask you to share stories. I want you to feel comfortable and safe during our time together and I also feel it’s important for you to understand that we don’t necessarily have “rules” we have to follow.

Over the course of an hour or two, I can glean a wealth of information that is carefully and compassionately utilized in the creation of a ceremony that is just as unique as the life of your loved one. A personalised memorial or funeral service gives those of us who remain, family and friends, a chance to talk, to laugh, and to cry as we share our thoughts, prayers and memories.


Birth, graduation, engagement, commencing menopause, retirement, any major personal growth/life changing experience may be an occasion for celebration or a time for ceremonial recognition. Even divorce, whether welcomed or not, invokes a sense of loss. When it is time to say good-bye, a divorce ceremony can help you end the relationship without bitterness, acknowledging whatever good has come from the union, and move onto the next stage of your life. Ceremonies of change are about aligning the head, heart and hands, inviting the Indwelling Intelligence or Creative Energy that is your True Nature to be the guidance in creating a new direction in life.